The Social Media Revolution

1 October 2015
Social Media
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Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, YouTube…..these have all become a significant part of the way we communicate on a daily basis. Even schools are adopting various social media tactics to incorporate into their teaching regime, such as children using Ipads and search engines for research as opposed to old fashioned hard copy books in a library. At the workplace, a paperless economy has become something to strive towards as it is more environmentally friendly and saves on resources as well, not to mention the convenience of certain gadgets.

The enormity of the influence of social media is evident in the listing of Facebook on the stock exchange; as much as it didn’t quite make the big bang that was expected, it was the first of its kind and we are likely to see more of this trend in future.

Businesses can use social media to their advantage for a variety of reasons from increasing customer numbers to creating awareness about their products and services. Here are a few examples of ways in which social media can be used to enhance business relationships and bring in added revenue and visibility.

Create awareness

Social media avenues can be used to create awareness about your brand and the products and services that you offer. When a social media strategy is carried out in conjunction with an advertising and communications strategy, the effects are maximized. And considering a large percentage of your target market uses at least one type of social media, they will come into contact with your message and this keeps your brand at the top of their minds when it comes to making purchase decisions.

Monitor customer experience and satisfaction

Social media can be a useful tool in measuring the levels of customer satisfaction and receiving frank feedback on products and services. Take the comments constructively, whether negative or positive and engage with each of the individuals who took time to give their feedback. This demonstrates a desire by the company to improve their delivery whether in terms of products, services or operationally.


Gone are the days when recruitment was restricted to hard copy applications dropped off at various offices or mailed to the company’s post office box. Nowadays, recruitment is done online through email applications or applying via the company’s website. The interview process is also sometimes done via teleconference or Skype in case the parties are geographically far from each other. Head hunting is also popular via professional networks like Linked In and quite a number of people are approached with job offers via their profiles on these networks. However, it should be noted that this can be a two-sided coin when it comes to recruitment as one should be very careful about what they put up on social media sites as something that was done in jest could potentially rob you of a job opportunity.


Bloggers have become quite the influential bunch and it is no secret that their services are sought by various companies to sometimes vouch for a certain product or brand. They influence trends and this can be a gold mine of potential sales for a company if the blogger influences people to purchase trust and buy their brand. According to an unofficial study, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendation when it comes to purchase decisions thus an influential blogger could work wonders for your brand visibility.

These are just a few reasons why the social media revolution is here to stay; use it to your business’s advantage and keep ahead of the game.

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