Web Development

Custom web application development using a database driven website is a powerful way to provide dynamic content to clients, employees, and other stakeholders.

Ebits Online specializes in web application development using Open Source softwares such as PHP and Mysql that dynamically reduce the development and long-term maintenance costs of the applications. We develop database driven apllications that can allow your users to securely access information directly over the internet, generate and view reports displayed as web pages and even print the generated reports.

For each developed application, we provide installation, maintenance, customization and training services.

All our developed systems are scalable, reliable, extendable and secure. We can rapidly develop;

  • Content Management Systems(CMS)
  • Client Relationship Management Systems
  • Enterprise Management Systems
  • E-commerce and Shopping Cart Systems
  • Workflow Automation Systems
  • Document Repository and Access Systems

Our experience and knowledge is not limited to the above systems, we are actually able to come up with any kind of system as long as we clearly understand your requirements.

Give us a call today or contact us for a free appointment to discuss your requirements in detail.

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