Web Maintenance

Our Complete Website Maintenance Service

Regular Content Update

Add new website content and new pages, update existing content. Regular 3rd party software updates (plugins, extensions, PHP mods and tweaks).

Fix Website Issues

Clean your site if bugs are found, fix navigation / menu issues when new pages / posts / images are added.

Website Backups

Weekly website and database backups including disaster recovery

Our Complete  <span>Website Maintenance Service</span>
Email Setup Assistance

Setup new email accounts, Outlook configuration and Support

Website Optimization

Speed up the website by minimizing the size of the database, html, js and css files.

Website Monitoring

Monitor site for hacking and outside security threats, Resolve crashes, mis-behaving files, fend off suspicious activity of any kind.

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So why do you need Website Maintenance Services?

Your business website is just like a car. It needs regular servicing or it will stop working one day. Ebits Online provides full featured web maintenance in Kenya. Website maintenance is a service which allows you to control and keep your website content fresh.

You may ask, do I really need web maintenance?

The answer is a big YES. Do any of these scenarios related to you:

  1. Your website footer says “Copyright 2016”.
  2. Three out of five people on your staff page don’t work for you anymore.
  3. Your “latest news” is about the company picnic 3 years ago.
  4. Your about page is is a few years behind about the age of your business.
  5. Your contact email goes to someone who left several years ago.
  6. Your site talks about products that no longer exist.
  7. Your site has animated graphics on it. Anywhere…
  8. You still use a “splash page”
  9. Your company’s phone number is no where on your website.
  10. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to make your site come up in a Google search!

Did you know that proper website maintenance is vital to your website’s success?. Once your website is designed and developed you need to ensure all aspects of it including security updates, information, products and services are kept up to date to provide the best experience to your site visitors. A well maintained website will ensure visitors to the site stay engaged and take action towards your products or services.

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